Tehran Vocal Ensemble

Tehran Vocal Ensemble, founded by Milad Omranloo, came into existence in 2006 and opened a gateway to a new acapella style in Persian acapella music inspired by European bands. The style is based on a group of singers each one playing the role of an instrument assembled to perform as a harmonic orchestra with matchless sound effects.

The first concert of this group, took place in August 2007 at “Rudaki Hall” after 5 months of constant practice. And after that, the choir has performed several times in “Vahdat Hall”, Tehran. Other activities of the choir are as follows:

  • Several Concerts in “Vahdat Hall”, Tehran and other cities (Gorgan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas and Sari) in different styles (Classic, Folklore, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Movie Soundtracks and Iranian Traditional) since 2008.
  • Winning the first place in 24th Fadjr international music festival in Tehran.
December 2008
  • Concert in Yerevan, Armenia.
March 2009
  • Winning gold and silver medals in 2nd Asian Choir Games, South Korea.
July 2009
  • Winning a gold medal in “Europe and its songs” festival in Barcelona, Spain.
October 2009
  • Winning a gold diploma in “In canto sul Garda” festival in Italy.
October 2009
  • Workshop with the Swingle Singers in Maintz, Germany.
  • Performing in the 25th Fadjr international music festival in Tehran.
February 2010
  • Winning a silver Medal in folk music and two bronze medals in Chamber choir and Pop Music in
    the 6th World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China.
July 2010
  • Winning the Audience Award and a silver medal in Pop music in the 50th Seghizzi festival, Italy.
June 2011
  • Concerts in the cities Cervignano, Splimbergo, Trieste and Gonars in Friuli province, Italy.
June 2011
  • Concerts in Vienna and St. Polten Austria, by the invitation of St. Polten theatre.
September 2012
  • Recording two albums, “Vocapella” the first Persian acapella music album and “Vocapella 2” which is acapella arrangements of very popular soundtracks.
  • Winning two gold medals in Mixed Chamber Choir and Folk music categories and one silver medal in Pop music in category in the 8th World Choir Games, Riga, Latvia.
July 2014
  • Inviting Prof. Thomas Caplin, voice trainer and choir conducing teacher from Norway and performing pop, jazz and Latin music by his guest conducting in Vahdat Hall, Tehran.
August 2015
  • Concert in St. Polten Austria, by the invitation of St. Polten theatre.
September 2015
  • Winning three silver medals in Sacra acapella music, Contemporary music and Jazz music in the 9th World
    Choir Games, Sochi, Russia.
July 2016

Milad Omranloo

Milad Omranloo

Milad Omranloo is born in 1977 in Ahvaz, Iran. He is graduated in Composing from Art University and successfully completed his education on master degree. He has benefited from great composers such as Tolib Khon Shakhidi from Tajikestan and also Ahmad Pejman, Khayyam Mirzazadah, professor Dichko and other Professors.

His activities started since 2000, with cooperating with Tehran Symphony Orchestra as Timpanist and Percussion instruments he has taken part in several activities with conductors such as Loris Tjeknavorian, Ali (Alexandr) Rahbari, Shahrdad Rohani, Fereydoon Naseri, Nader Mashayekhi, Derek Gleeson and other conductors.

His choir conducting carrier has started since 2006, by stablishing Tehran Vocal Ensemble, an acapella ensemble containing 16 singers, and conducting this ensemble in many concerts and events by now.

In order to raise his capabilities as a conductor he has passed several master class courses of conducting with maestro Loris Tjeknavorian & Iradj Sahbaee. He has passed choir conducting master classes in Netherlands, Norway and United States and he has had several performances as guest conductor with the Manado State University Choir (MSUC) from Indonesia, in United States.

He was officially invited to be Iran representative in World Choir Council by Interkultur organization beside 70 other countries.