Sprague Hall
Sprague Hall

All events take place on the campus of Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA) unless otherwise indicated. Tickets for all concerts are available through the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. The Gala Final Concert on June 20 in Woolsey Hall is free and open to the public.


Day 1: Tuesday, June 16
Symposium: Choirs Transforming Lives
Whitney Humanities Center
9:00-10:15Panel 1: Exploring the Human Impact of Singing
10:45-12:00Panel 2: What happens in rehearsal and performance
1:30-2:45Panel 3: Expanding Our Reach
3:15-4:30Panel 4: Crafting performance
8:00Festival Welcome
Concert 1: Yale Choral Artists
Sprague Memorial Hall
Day 2: Wednesday, June 17
8:00Working breakfast for symposium panelists and 21C participants
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 1
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Voces Nordicae
3:00-4:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 2
5:00Concert 2: Jerusalem Youth Chorus
8:00Concert 3: Entrevoces
Day 3: Thursday, June 18
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 3
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Voces Nordicae
3:00 Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 4
8:00Concert 4: Voces Nordicae
Day 4: Friday, June 19
8:00Conducting 21C field projects
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 5
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Yale Choral Artists
5:00Concert 5: National University of Singapore Choir
8:00Concert 6 (opt.): Mark Morris Dance Group and Yale Choral Artists, Acis & Galatea
Day 5: Saturday, June 20
12:00 to 2:30Dress rehearsal, Yale Alumni Chorus and visiting choirs
3:0021C group choral presentation
Old Refectory, Yale Divinity School
6:00Concert 7: Gala closing concert