Sprague Hall
Sprague Hall

All events take place on the campus of Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA) unless otherwise indicated


Day 1: Tuesday, June 16
Symposium: Choirs Transforming Lives
9:00-10:15Panel 1: Exploring the Human Impact of Singing
10:45-12:00Panel 2: What happens in rehearsal and performance
1:30-2:45Panel 3: Expanding Our Reach
3:15-4:30Panel 4: Crafting performance
8:00Concert 1: Yale Choral Artists
Day 2: Wednesday, June 17
8:00Working breakfast for symposium panelists and 21C participants
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 1
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Voces Nordicae
3:00-4:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 2
5:00Concert 2: Jerusalem Youth Chorus
8:00Concert 3: Entrevoces
Day 3: Thursday, June 18
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 3
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Voces Nordicae
3:00 Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 4
8:00Concert 4: Voces Nordicae
Day 4: Friday, June 19
8:00Conducting 21C field projects
8:30Yale Alumni Chorus rehearsal 5
1:30Conducting 21C masterclass with Yale Choral Artists
5:00Concert 5: National University of Singapore Choir
8:00Concert 6 (opt.): Mark Morris Dance Group and Yale Choral Artists, Acis & Galatea
Day 5: Saturday, June 20
12:00 to 2:30Dress rehearsal, Yale Alumni Chorus and visiting choirs
3:0021C group choral presentation, ISM Great Hall
6:00Concert 7: Gala closing concert